Bus Transportation Edit

Significantly cheaper then railway transportation, the Bus system decreases street traffic by offering an alternate option for citizens to commute. Also, the coverage radius of bus stops is significantly smaller than that of train stations, yet is only 1x1 in space compared to 3x3 with rail stations. It is not recommended to build a bus stop on a bridge.

Bus Depot Edit

Required for functioning Bus Stops, the depot is the building that spawns buses to move from stop to stop picking up and dropping off citizens. Costs 16.0kT with an upkeep of 10.0T per month.

Bus Stops Edit

Can only be placed on roads, the Bus Stop is a gathering place for citizens as they wait for the local bus to transport them to a separate stop. Costs 800.0T initially with no upkeep cost.

Railway Transport Edit

An expensive yet quick method of transporting citizens around the city. The trains follow elevated tracks above the roads making sure that roads don't interfere with tracks (although buildings do). A City Hall is required to build both the Railway Station and the Railways themselves.

Railway Station Edit

Is equivalent to a Bus Stop and serves the same purpose. It has 2 exits which lead to tracks to take the train throughout the city. Costs 6.0kT initially with a monthly upkeep of 5.0T.

Railway Edit

Is equivalent to a simple road and serves the same purpose. It connects Railway Stations to each other and can go over water, and roads. Costs 100.0T initially with a monthly upkeep of 1.0T.