This article may be outdated. The experiment was held in Version 1.0.62.

Parks Edit

Parks are 1*1 to 4*4 square buildings that directly increase the demand for R1 by a value directly proportional to park size and indirectly increase the demand of other areas.

Background Info Edit

Parks were initially a part of the game. They were drafted before the release of version 3 at the same time as public buildings and awards. They cost from 100 to 6000 dollars, with a monthly price of 30 to 1500 dollars, depending on size and type.

The experiment section has been removed since the recent update has changed parks up like crazy. I am redoing the experiment, and will post it's results soon.

Types of Parks Edit

Park Name Size Cost Monthly Cost Radius*
Little Flower Park 1*1 100 30 4.5
Small Park 1*1 100 30 4.5
Water Fountain 1*1 500 100 4.5
Water Fountain 2 1*1 500 100 4.5
Tree Park 2*2 1200 120 9
Tree Park 2 2*2 2000 140 11
Middle Park 3*3 3000 300 12.5
Pavillion** 3*3 5000 500 13.5
Large Park 4*4 6000 600 13

*Radius is defined as the distance from the center of the park to the farthest visibly affected point. Feel free to edit because I may have messed up.

**The Middle Park upgrades into the Pavillion. The price listed here for the Pavillion includes the upgrade price and the price of the Middle Park.

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