Public services is a services that every habitants need to live in the player city. Without this services, habitants may demonstrate and make a riots that may destroy the player city. Every player need to fulfill this services to make a successful running city.

List Of Services Edit

Fire Edit

The first service is fire. This service contains 3 buildings​ (Small Fire Department, Fire Department, and Large Fire Departement(paid)), to prevent a fire that burns buildings. See more.

Police Edit

The second service is police. This service contains 3 buildings​ (Small Police Department, Police Department, and S.W.A.T. HQ), to prevent crime in the player city. Only for S.W.A.T. HQ, this special police department is required to stop riots in the player city. See more.

Health Edit

The third service is health. This service contains 2 buildings (Doctor and Hospital), to prevent health accident appears in the player city. See more.