Roads Edit

Roads are the lifeblood of your city. It can not function without them. Your citizens travel in cars to get from home to work and back. Without roads, you city won't function!

Use of Roads Edit

A building area (Residential, Commercial, or Industrial) cannot have a building on it without an adjacent road tile. In the case of larger buildings, there must be at least one road tile connected to it. In the case of other buildings such as a Water Tower or a Police Station, they will not function unless there is at least one adjacent road tile.

The Different Roads Edit

Currently, there are six types of roads, country roads and dirt roads, alleys, highways, one-way roads, and expressways.

TheoTown tworoads

A country road and a dirt road beside each other.

TheoTown bridge

A bridge. Notice how the bridge is made from a country road going over water.

Dirt Roads Edit

Dirt roads are the messier looking, one lane roads. They initially cost 10.0T per tile with a 1.0T monthly price. Vehicles move slower on these tiles, but currently, that has no effect.

Country Roads Edit

Country roads are the larger counterpart to the small roads. Although they are technically the same size, country roads have more lanes than dirt roads, with two lanes. They initially cost 200.0T per tile with a 2.0T monthly price. Vehicles move faster on these tiles, but currently that has no effect. Country roads can be made into bridges, while dirt roads cannot.

One-way roads Edit

Similar to country roads, the one-way road is 2 lanes going in the same direction. This road type can be extremely useful in managing traffic if used correctly. They initially cost 250.0T per tile with an upkeep of 3.0T monthly.

Alleys Edit

Alleys are nice decorative roads consisting of two One-way roads, each going in opposite directions (like a real road),with decorative trees between the roads. Thus they have four lanes, reducing traffic. They initially cost 300.0T per tile with an upkeep of 2.0T monthly.

Expressways Edit

Is a quasi-highway with 2 lanes that allow vehicles to go significantly faster then they would on a country road. It cannot connect buildings to the roadway grid so it's highly advised to only be used to connect districts. They initially cost 1.0kT per tile with an upkeep of 4.0T per month (almost double the price of a country road).

Highways Edit

Possibly the most interesting, the Highway is simply two one-way roads, put side-by-side and going in opposite directions with the speed of an Expressway. Shockingly, these cost as much as a country road. They initially cost 2.0kT per tile with a 5.0T monthly price.

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